Awards & Recognition

Sometimes a run of the mill award simply will not do.  Bring us your vision, and we will help you bring it to life.


Your brand is critical.  In a world of “me too”, standing out can be the difference between success and failure.


A perfect invitation sets the stage for a perfect event.  When merely “beautiful” is not sufficient, let us make it show stopping.

Event Decor

The invitation was sensational, the theme is set, and expectations are high.  Now it’s time to take the evening from memorable, to unforgettable.  Fully and semi-custom signage, graphics, day-of stationery, table runners, centerpieces, chargers, escort cards, cake stands, serving stations, oversize decorations, and whatever else you can dream up.

Boxes and Binders

In a competitive market, sometimes attention to detail is the difference between winning and losing.  Custom portfolio and proposal packaging can be a cost effective and powerful way to give polish to a finished proposal, and increase its perceived value.


All things are possible given sufficient lead time and budget.  Have a project that defies categorization?  That confused your printer, confounded your die-cutter, and made your own staff look at you like you were insane?  We might be able to help.

About Us

We are makers, creators, tinkerers, engineers, and programmers. Yeah, we’re nerds. Artifacture is a small design–build studio south of downtown Dallas that specializes in laser cutting, but does oh, so much more. We are creative enablers, helping agencies, planners, brand managers go beyond the conventional.

  • Beyond the Conventional

    Explore and be inspired by new materials, textures, processes, form factors,

  • Design & Engineering Support

    We do not sell widgets, we solve problems.  We work with you to bring your vision out of your head, and into your customer’s hands.

  • Profesional Focus

    What we do is complex and demanding, and as a result requires a high degree of mutual trust and cooperation that simply cannot be achieved in a one-off transaction.  As a result, have built our business by cultivating strong and lasting relationships with other design and event professionals.

What others say about us

Amazing people. Easy to work with. An absolute joy!!!!

Michael and Shane are incredibly nice to work with but in addition to that they are amazing artists! The work that Artifacture does is beyond compare!