Fabric and Wood Zoo Binder

Laser Engraving
1/8″ Di-bond
Herringbone Book Cloth
Chicago Screws (Screw Posts)

This was one of our first, and unquestionably our most difficult binding project to date.  The fabrics provided were upholstery fabrics, and utterly unsuited to binding.  They were far too thick, and too rigid to trim and turn well – as well as being a woven fabric prone to raveling if you looked at it wrong.

Our one saving grace was that the fabrics were synthetics, so we were able to trim corners with a hot knife and fuse them well enough to get them secured.

When we first received the fabric, we joked that it looked like someone had stalked and killed a couch from a 70’s rumpus room – but as you can see, the colors and textures were ideal for the intended application, and the deep engraving of the badge on Spanish Cedar was a perfect complement.  While we will not be doing any more of these in the future unless we can find far more appropriate materials, it remains a piece we are exceedingly proud of – not only because it was such a lovely piece in the end, but because of the challenges we overcame to make it work at all.

This was made in a “slip cover” style.  Rather than rings or screw posts, the back cover was made with a sleeve designed to take the back cover of a more traditional, perfect bound soft cover book.