Crate Invitation w/ Kinetic Sand Invitation

Carpentry, Laser Cutting, Vacuum Forming, Painting

Easily one of our favorite projects, this is a combination of a number of playful and interactive themes.

The box replicates a museum style shipping crate, creting a sense of anticipation and adventure in advance of even opening the box.

The box opens to reveal a customized sand sculpture with the iconic Malibu sign, and the recipients name.  The sand is a molded, kinetic play sand that creates a 3rd engagement, as the recipient can handle and play with the sand, which feels great in the hand, and readily sticks to itself, but little else – making clean up super simple.

In this iteration, the party details were in the “bill of lading” packet on the end of the box, but other iterations had the tray containing the sand lift out to reveal the invitation, as well as various party and beach accouterments.  Other variations and inserts could be used for a spy, or smuggler or adventure themed invitation.

The sand sculpture was stabilized for shipping with the use of a custom vacuum formed mold mounted to the lid of the box, assuring that it arrived intact, and allowing the recipient to repack and restore after enjoying the sand it if they were so inclined.