Box & Binder with Bottle

Capitol Services
Carpentry/Box Making
Metal Engraving
Glass Engraving
Stone Engraving
Foam Cutting
.25″ Bitch Ply (stained)
Black coated brass
Soap Stone cubes
ELE Foam
Flocked Fabric

A custom proposal package for the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.  A simple wooden box with retro brass hinges and a black brass engraved tip-on opens to reveal a custom wood binder with the same finish, a distressed faux leather quarter bind and matching black/brass tip on.  Below that, a custom foam insert holds a bottle of whiskey, two engraved tumblers, and a two sets of whiskey stones engraved with the NBBI logo.

Like may projects, this one came together quickly, but it is still an excellent example of how a consistent, thoughtful design can make a project more interesting than the sum of its individual parts.