Illuminated Wall Sign ( Built-in )

Palmieri Cafe
Michael Reilly
Laser cutting
Built-in lighting
Red Acrylic, Black wall laminate.
3’x2′ Illuminated Area

A large, built-in LED Illuminated sign for Palmieri Cafe & Bakery at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

Since it was being built into the wall of the cafe, special considerations had to be made for both airflow for cooling the sign, and for future servicing needs.  Because of this, the sign was assembled in its own torsion box, with intake vents on the bottom, and outlets into the service space above the false ceiling.  Power was also mounted above the ceiling, with the whole assembly designed to be installed within the wall, and to be accessible from the back via a removable finished drywall panel.

The installation has now been in place and operating for over a year, with no service access required.