Laser Engraved Leather Wallets

Posted in: Materials, Product Development- Sep 29, 2010 No Comments

When we started working with Dallas Designing Dreams, Arthur brought us pieces of a few different types and colors of leather to play with.

The Dangers of Undocumented Features

Posted in: Materials- Sep 20, 2010 1 Comment

Whenever you take advantage of an undocumented or unintentional characteristic in a product, there is a risk. Usually, you say that about something technical, but we got bitten by – of all things – paper.

Laser Cut Layered Acrylic Sign rev. 1

Posted in: Marketing- Aug 31, 2010 No Comments

To begin to establish our business presence in the building, we needed a suitable sign. Since we are marketing ourselves as all around ‘Creative and Talented People You Should Buy Stuff From’, it had to be at least passingly cool, and we needed it quickly. 

Laser Cut Finger Jointed Boxes

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One of the first real production projects we did was laser cut lamps for Christmas gifts. The ones we modeled ours after used a miter joint but we didn’t have a good way to cut a consistent angle across the length of the wood pieces. We opted instead for a finger or box joint.